Foothills Charter High School

2018 Enrollment:  1713                        2018 Employees:  899

Foothills Charter High School is an accredited high school that offers an alternative solution for students seeking to earn a Georgia High School diploma.  Foothills offers an accessible and rewarding high school experience that is flexible and responsive to the student’s needs.

Foothills continues to expand to ensure that all students who need an alternative to the traditional high school program have access to a Foothills site.  The Foothills Charter High School is currently comprised of 15 sites located throughout Northeast Georgia, with two of these sites located in Walton County; Monroe and Social Circle.

All classes are held in the evening so that student’s schedules can be accommodated.  Tuition is 100% free for students who enroll at Foothills on a full-time basis.

Opening its doors three years ago, Foothills Charter High School has successfully graduated 681 students.  Filling a void for students who needed an alternative to a traditional high school.  Foothills will continue to offer this opportunity and be responsive to the needs of Walton County and to Northeast Georgia.

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